Virtual Welding Simulators


Aura X Max

The Skillveri AURAⓇ Series of XR based virtual reality welding simulators are intended to complement and enrich traditional welding training. The simulator offers a fully immersive environment for trainees in the virtual world with a clear perception of depth, blended with a real welding gun, sparks, and molten pool ambiance based on the distance, angles, machine settings, train & improve their welding techniques.

Aura X-Max Welding Simulator– available for GMAW, GTAW and SMAW.

Pre Welding

  • Simulation of most welding processes available
  • Work piece settings for customising thickness, material etc.
  • Practice key hand skills – Angle, Stickout, & Speed

During Welding

  • Muscle memory improvement
  • Seamless real-virtual experience – Sag removal and other auxiliary processes simulated
  • Multi-pass options
  • Interactive live feedback

Post Welding

  • Cut Section analysis
  • Gap identifiers
  • Defect scores
  • Video playback for deeper insights
  • Download detailed report

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