Automated Welding Systems

Automated Welding Systems

NextGen Plasma Pvt. Ltd. designs, manufacture and integrate Mechanised Welding Systems (commonly known as Welding SPM) for customised welding applications in GMAW & GTAW processes.


The Mechanised Welding systems includes:

  • Long Seam Welding System
  • Circular Seam Welding System
  • Head Stock / Tail Stock Manipulator
  • Customised Welding Positioners
  • Special Purpose Welding Systems

Automated Welding Systems > Mechanised

Automated Welding Systems > Special Purpose Machine

BUNG Welding System

Rotational Seam Welding System with Inclined Welding manipulator for welding of LPG Cylinders using Pulsed MIG+ WISE Fusion process

NextGen Plasma Pvt. Ltd. manufactures Special Purpose Machine comprising a welding manipulator with an inclined plane for Valve base welding (Bung) system for mass production of LPG Cylinders with Pulsed MIG welding process with activated WISE Fusion program. The system is capable for Rotational welding of any component with dia. From 200 – 400mm and height of 150 – 300mm.

Welding Systems for Mass Production of LPG Cylinders