Arc Welding Equipment

Arc Welding Equipment

NextGen Plasma Pvt. Ltd. is a leading supplier of manual and Semi-Automatic Arc Welding equipment & Welding Software. Being the oldest Distributor of Finnish Welding equipment manufacturer - M/s. Kemppi Oy, Finland, we apply proven experience and innovative solutions to our customers for different welding applications for thick to thin plates and tubes of Mild Steel, High Strength Low Alloy Steels, different Stainless Steels and Aluminium.


Our offering includes welding solutions - intelligent equipment, welding management software and expert services - for both demanding industrial applications and ready-to-weld needs. 


Manual Metal Arc Welding Equipment

Minarc Series

150 - 220Amps. Ultra-Portable compact MMA welding equipment

Minarc series of compact, ultra lightweight and energy efficient stick (MMA) welding equipment meets professional welding demands in every respect. Arc ignition and stability dynamic control ensure that every electrode burns effortlessly to produce quality welds. All the models of Minarc Series are power generator compatible and able to operate in a wide range of conditions from sub zero temperatures to desert heat. The Minarc comes with VRD as well.

Master MLS™ 2500 / 3500

250 - 350 Amps. Heavy duty MMA cum TIG (Contact) welding equipment

Master MLS™ 2500 & 3500 combines a choice of efficient 3-phase welding machines, equipped with versatile functions for MMA and DC TIG welding based on Digital electronics built on latest IGBT Inverter techniques. Compact structure and the isolated cooling system makes it suitable for use on work sites and extreme industrial conditions. The models come in two variants - 250Amps. & 350Amps. 

Master S 400 / S 500

400 - 500 Amps. Heavy duty IGBT Inverter based Energy efficient MMA Welding Equipment.

Master S 400 & S 500 is designed for high-performance Stick (MMA) welding.

500 A power source including cellulose welding characteristics provides great welding results with pleasurable welding experience.

TIG / Pulsed TIG Welding Equipment

MinarcTig Evo 200MLP

PORTABLE POWER FOR REFINED QUALITY WELDING Versatile dual process welder for TIG and stick (MMA) welding

MinarcTig Evo 200MLP offers accurate and refined high frequency and contact TIG arc ignition, and delivers 200 A DC with a 1-phase 230 V power supply in a lightweight and compact form. Its PFC power source technology enables excellent energy efficiency and reliable performance even when used with more than 100 m long cables. As a dual process machine, MinarcTig Evo 200MLP's TIG performance is matched with a quality 170 A stick (MMA) welding capability. The large LED metering display and a range of useful functions make welding convenient and enjoyable. In addition to standard features, the MLP model is equipped with Minilog control for current change between two preset current levels, and pulsed DC TIG function for increased welding speed, efficiency and improved visual appearance. Regardless of your welding application, you will have no problem maintaining complete weld pool control with Kemppi remote control options including on-torch, foot-operated and handheld remote control methods.

MasterTig MLS 3000 / 4000

SIMPLY A BETTER FEEL AND PERFORMANCE DC TIG / Pulsed TIG / Synergic Pulsed TIG welding equipment for industrial applications

MasterTig MLS 3000 & 4000 sets the standard for industrial TIG welding. Precise and refined welding quality for workshop or site use, MasterTig MLS 3000 MasterTig MLS 4000 has become an industry standard, offering the necessary performance in a lightweight and portable design. A popular choice for the welding professional, offering choice 300 A power source, delivering high duty cycle performance at the maximum rated output current. There are also options to choose from 4 different control panels (MTL/MTX/MTM/MTZ), allowing to select exactly the parameter control that's right for given welding application. 

Mastercool 10 Liquid cooling unit can be connected at any given point of time to use liquid cooled TIG Torches.

MasterTig MLS 2300 / 3003 AC\DC

MAKE DEMANDING WORK EASY MLS™ control for the finest TIG welding quality

MasterTig MLS 2300ACDC offers TIG welding professionals the necessary control to meet their exact needs. Whatever the application, you can just enjoy the outstanding performance. MasterTig MLS 2300ACDC is a precise aluminum welding specialist that suits all welded materials. It can be used for manual welding as well as mechanised welding applications and its modular design allows you to build the package that best suits your needs. We also offer different control panel options (ACS/ACX) introducing numerous additional features that make welding easier and more efficient. Last but not least, this welder is compact and power cost efficient making it a perfect companion for your workshop.

Carbon Arc Gouging

KempGouge ARC 800

PRODUCTIVITY AND MOBILITY Heavy duty carbon arc gouging specialist

KempGouge ARC 800 brings productivity and mobility to gouging work. Offering up to 800 amps of gouging power with 50 % duty cycle, the KempGouge ARC 800 is a heavy duty power source package that is designed for all types of carbon arc gouging. KempGouge can be used with the majority of metals, such as steel, stainless steel, cast iron, nickel, copper, magnesium, and aluminum. KempGouge lets you open roots or faulty welds and cracks, prepare welding grooves, cut metals, make holes and clean casts, and remove excess metal. The characteristics curve controlling the KempGouge’s operating parameters has been designed specifically for carbon arc gouging, so its gouging properties are optimal. The noise levels of KempGouge have also been kept very low.

MIG/MAG Welding Equipment

X3 MIG Welder

TOUGH AND RELIABLE - Energy-efficient MIG/MAG welding and carbon arc gouging

Suitable for gas-cooled MIG/MAG welding and carbon arc gouging, the X3 MIG Welder is a smart investment for professional welders. It is packed with energy-efficient inverter technology and delivers up to 500 A at a 60% duty cycle. The system includes several special functions for fine-tuning the start and end of your welds. The X3 MIG Welder’s stable arc guarantees high-quality welds, even with inexpensive CO2 shielding gas. Designed and manufactured in Finland, the X3 MIG Welder is a durable choice for tough welding conditions, whether you work at a construction site, shipyard, or metal fabrication workshop. The system’s wire feeder features a fully enclosed and impact-resistant dual-skin cabinet to protect the wire spool and feed mechanism. The simple two-knob control panel is easy to use and isn’t afraid of rough handling.

Kempact RA

Adaptive MIG/MAG Welding System for This Sheet application



Kempact 323A has been designed with one thing in mind – its user. From the convenient waist height LCD control panel and the innovative chassis design to several useful features and functions, a rewarding welding experience is guaranteed. Moreover, Kempact 323A can provide savings of more than 10% on energy costs while ensuring optimal welding performance. To top that off, Kempact 323A's Adaptive control panel allows you to improve welding accuracy with a convenient memory channel function and adaptive set-up where welding power is automatically set according to plate thickness selection. Standard features, such as a localized heat treatment function perfect for thin sheet fabrication and automotive repair, are available throughout the whole Kempact RA range.

FastMig M Synergic

FOR ROBUST AND HEAVY DUTY WELDING Top performance industrial MIG/MAG and Stick (MMA) welding

The industrial multi-process welding solution in modular format. FastMig M Synergic is a combination of modularity and ease of use, suiting to wide ranging industrial welding applications. Strong duty cycle performance plus compact, lean dimensions and weight, increases your productivity and worksite mobility. FastMig M performance modules in both hardware and software, provide endless process solutions and choice, increasing equipment efficiency and utilization. There are multiple package configurations, including three power source choices, wire feed cabinets, and distance and access sub feeding solutions. Choose your user control interface, either synergic control for optimized arc properties as well as easier and faster setting or a regular user interface, offering traditional set-up parameters and control.

FastMig X Regular

FastMig X with the regular setup is the solution for applications where multi-process welding, including pulse MIG and high power, is needed

Welding workshops, especially those specialized in heavy contract manufacturing, need reliable multi-process welding, including MIG/MAG welding with pulse capability and stick welding, for various applications where high productivity, quality, and flexibility are desired. We assembled the perfect setup for highly efficient multi-process welding of carbon steels and the most typical stainless steels and aluminum alloys.

FastMig X Intelligent

INTELLIGENT WELDING FOR THE DIVERSE NEEDS OF MULTI-MATERIAL WORKSHOPS High-class multi-process solution for diverse demanding welding applications

The Wise software features built into the FastMig X Intelligent setup cover the diverse needs of the most demanding welding tasks. Typical applications include, for example, stainless steel process equipment, boats' and ships' hulls built out of aluminum, and power plant pressure vessels made under strict supervision and obligation to produce detailed quality documentation. The setup is flexible enough to adapt to fast-changing needs and capable enough to meet the ever increasing quality requirements.

X8 MIG Welder


The X8 MIG Welder covers it all, from synergic and pulsed MIG/MAG and stick (MMA) welding to MIG brazing, cladding, and gouging. The intelligent equipment provides you with extremely precise control of the arc, high-duty welding performance up to 600 A, and native connectivity with WeldEye welding management software. Supreme usability based on actual user needs is engineered in every aspect of the power source, wire feeder, welding guns, user interface, and other components. Developed, designed and manufactured in Finland, the X8 MIG Welder introduces the digital WPS (dWPS) function, which improves quality control and renders the printed WPS unnecessary. With an upgradeable power source, a multi-voltage power supply option, and the wide range of Kemppi application software available, the X8 MIG Welder adapts easily to any welding environment and meets even the most extreme expectations of industrial welding.

Submerged Arc Welding Equipment

Submerged Arc Welding

Single wire SAW System

NextGen Plasma Pvt. Ltd. Provides complete solution for Single Wire traditional Submerged Arc Welding system. Welding Head is available for Tractor mounted and Boom mounted. The SAW Power Source are available in two variants, viz: Thyristorised and IGBT Inverter based.